Ivyy Lee

sized 055.jpg

Weight 4 lbs.
Length 19 inches

Location: Paducah, Kentucky

SHE'S HERE!!! My patience has finally paid off! Rae you did such a wonderful job on her!! She looks and feels so real!!! Today was the longest day of my life, but it was ALL worth it! I had butterflies and tears in my eyes when I received the box! I was so overwhelmed with emotion I couldn't even think straight! I can't believe she's here with me now! My grandparents and Roberts parents ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER! Thank you so much for all of your time and your hard work! I would do it all over again! She is soooooo AMAZING! You should be VERY proud of yourself! I also want to compliment the painting you did on the eyes.l I think that is my favorite part of her..Oh! and her little feet!! I love them! I can't stop looking at her! Thank you again so much!

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