Customer Feedback

Over the last 14 years I have met many new people who adopted my Little Jewel Babies. I have babies all over the US, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and on the Island of Malta. It is very hard for me to box and ship my Little Jewel Babies, but very satisfying to hear how happy they have made the new Mommies. I have so many wonderful comments from them and would like to share a few of them with you here that were either sold on eBay or custom made:

Benjamin, Moscow Russia
Benjamin is absolutely gorgeous and I am admiring him. You did wonderful work. Thanks so much.

Lacie, Sulphur Louisiana
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Amazing body! Incredible artist and seller!! Thank you so much!

Daniel, North Brunswick New Jersey
The baby is here safe and sound...and is just beautiful...I just love him! Thank you.

David, Charleston, Arizona
I received Baby David today. He is absolutely gorgeous and I can't believe his is already here. When I got back from a doctor appointment he was on my doorstep. Just wanted to let you know that I received him and he is all I expected and more. Thanks a million.

Bethany, East Sussex United Kingdom
Bethany has arrived. Very beautiful and so cuddly. Thank you.

Desirae, Lebanon Pennsylvania
You said I'd love her and I surely do!! So tiny and precious. AAA+++

Noelle, Amarillo Texas
Just wanted to let you know that little Noelle arrived safely. She is beautiful! Love her hair!!! Thank you again.

Christian, Clare Michigan
What a sweetheart!!!! That Santa suit to too much. Thank you so much. I have won a couple of other boy babies, but when not dressed they look like any of the other babies. You have really mastered the art of bringing a boy to life! Have a wonderful Holiday! Thanks so much for such excellent communication during our transaction, and oh yes, what a neat idea to send a bag for the the peanuts. First time I ever saw that, I liked it!! Merry Christmas to you and yours. God bless you all.

Jade, Tulsa Oklahoma
Thank you for making Jade for me just how I wanted her. She is beautiful and so real looking. I will take good care of her.

Noah, Inwik Canada
Life like. Totally thrilled. Hope to adopt more. Lovingly packed. A+++++

Special Reborn Order for a model baby
Deltona, Florida

I received the doll today. I am very happy with your marvelous artwork. I now have an elegant baby doll, the body is really amazing. Thank you very much for a professional and excellent job. I will surely get back to you in the future so you can transform another poor toy into a gorgeous work of art.

Special Reborn Order for a model baby
Deltona, Flordia

Just received the doll this's simply gorgeous!!! You've done an unbelievable job. The best part was when my 5 year-old-son saw the doll, he thought it was a real baby and told me: "no, I don't want any babies, they cry too much!", then he touched it and said; "it's a doll!...I'm so glad!" Thanks once again for such a great job/craftmanship, your dolls are really beautiful!

Jaclyn Elizabeth, Patchogue New York
I received my baby today. I am so haaaaaaaaaaaaaapy. She is just beautiful. I am going to have to send you a picture of my daughter when she was a baby (she is now 17) because you cannot believe how this doll looks just like her. It really is unbelievable. This is my first reborn and if I were to get anymore I would order from you. Thank you again. Wonderful to deal with. Perfect beautiful baby doll. Excellent transaction!!!

Jemima, Jakarta Indonesia
She is very beautiful and a cuddly one, she is amazing. Her dress really matches her. I love her curly hair. It was a great job Rae. I like also her stomach. She is a big girl. Hugs from both of us.

Omar, Singapore
Omar is with me right now, he arrived safely. I picked him up this afternoon from the post office. Oh, he is a lovely boy baby. He is a sweety boy. So amazing Rae. I called my friend and I know she will be very happy with him, I am sure. Thank you Rae for all your good cooperation and all of your support to make the babies for me. I just came back from Singapore and his new Mother is so happy with him. She sleeps with him. I was just wondering before I gave Omar to her, if she may be not too preferable with him so I can have Omar cause he is so cuddly. But when I told her, oh she said no, no, he's mine! Anyway Omar is with her now. Hugs...

Daisy, Cottage Hills, Illinois
What a beautiful girl! So cuddly and she feels so much like a real baby and it brings back all the old maternal reflexes from long, long ago! Looking into her eyes, I know how the name "Little Jewel Babies" came into being, for her eyes do look like jewels. I just can NOT imagine a prettier baby, but she is definitely for cuddling, not just for looking at. She was meant for me because the weight of her body (that is amazing how you simulate that weight) against my stomach is comforting and that she came at a time I would be in need of that comforting since I just went through gall bladder surgery.  You are a true artist, you capture old dreams and make them new again! You did awesome work on her, I can't thank you enough for all the pleasure she has brought me. Take care and thank you.