Angelina Marie


3 lbs. 12 oz.
Length 18 inches

Location: Orange, Texas

Guess what? My baby has arrived. I wasn't expecting her to get here till Monday but she's here. I love her so much. When I first opened the box I got goose bumps she looked so real. I could not believe all the detail you put into her. I use to do oil painting myself so I can appreciate all the detail work. I have been going to Canton Texas for first Monday trade days for years. They have had dolls like that there and I have been wanting one for years. I have never seen any that look as real as yours. It was worth the wait to find someone like you who is a true artist and when I show her off I am proud to be able to say that I know the artist personally. Thank you so much for getting her put together and sent to me so quickly.

My son could not believe I was getting a doll but let me tell you he was here when she arrived and judging by the look on his face he was taken by how real she looks. My Granddaughter fell in love with her and was taken by all the details she said "MeMe she looks so real I just want to keep kissing her." 

Just wanted to let you know I have been having a blast with little Angelina. Last night I took her to my Dad's house and he was so amazed by her he called the next door neighbor to come over and see his new great grand baby. It was so funny she came over and was handling her so careful trying not to wake her. She was asking when was she born? How much did she weigh? And kept going on about how cute she was and how she was cute as a doll. My Dad said she is a doll. His neighbor said "well of course she's a little doll" (still thinking she was real). Dad said, "No, you don't understand, she is a doll". She said " I know she's not". I finally had to tell her to look and see that she was not breathing before she finally believed me. She said I have got to have one of those babies and asked me for your website. My Dad told me I need to get a bassinet for her. I think it's so cute that he is so fascinated by her.

Then I took her to church Sunday. I work in the preschool division so I took her in the nursery and put her in one of the cribs. I got a lot of reactions from that of course everyone thought she was real. After church service I took her out again to show her off and I thought I would never get out of there. Everyone had to hold her and they were taking out their camera phones taking pictures of each other holding her.  I forgot to tell you our yorkie dog loves her. When I first brought her in he got all excited and ran and got one of his toys and brought it to her. Then he had to lick her on the cheek...

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